Hold Your Breath for Human Lives

The Mediterranean Sea is the most murderous border in the world. One of ten people dies trying to escape death and despair in Libya by sea. Instead of saving lives, the EU is actively preventing civil sea rescue efforts, criminalizes volunteers, and pays militia to forcibly return refugees back to the country they were trying to escape.

#HoldYourBreath is a wake-up-call to the European public, to face a deadly EU policy prior to the European elections. Die PARTEI generously provided us with one of their election commercial slots to air this cause.

In a few weeks, Europe will be voting for the people who decide whether the Mediterranean Sea shall continue to be filled with corpses. They are responsible for the death of people because there are alternatives: sea rescue, safe harbours and legal escape routes. A Europe based on solidarity is feasible and hundreds of thousands of Europeans are demanding it already.

Join us and raise your voice against the politics of letting-die. Help us finance the next mission of Sea-Watch 3!

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The Social Media Campaign

Celebrities, people from civil society and many more held their breath for sea rescue. Let’s make #HoldYourBreath big: Just film yourself holding your breath for a few seconds (you're welcome to be creative). Use the Hashtag #HoldYourBreath n your story/post and link us (insta: @seawatchcrew; fb: @seawatchprojekt; twitter: @seawatch_intl)

Help us save lives and hold EU politics accountable for their actions.

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